So I never really pictured myself as the blog type. Honestly, I’m probably not. I’m not even the writing type. But here I sit, at 1:16 AM the night before a midterm in a class in which I know nothing and find myself staring at a computer screen with a full night ahead of me trying to navigate this whole thing. There’s so many different buttons and options on things I’m slightly overwhelmed but we will see how it goes I suppose.

If you know me at all, like even just a little bit as in a simple Instagram follower or FB friend type of relationship, you’ve probably noticed that I moved to California. So that’s cool. But this crazy thing happened. I left my comfortable little bubble in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in my tiny little high school that was probably the most opposite from the real world it can get, I left my family, friends, and most importantly my cat. I left 18 years of memories, lessons learned, tears shed, and pretty much everything I had ever known and loved and flew 1,340 miles across the country to start an entirely new life with 18,000 students I didn’t know and didn’t know me.

Seems like a pretty daunting task, right?

But this CRAZY thing happened, you guys. I discovered something. Something really, really great that gets me out of bed in the morning and continuously puts a smile on my face and joy in my heart.

I, Molleigh Aidan Louisa McCann, at the ripe age of 18, have discovered the key to happiness.

Now I know half of you (perhaps the younger half) are probably thinking I’m intoxicated or full of it while the other half (the more, shall we say, “life experienced” half) are laughing at the concept that in my short amount of time on this Earth I have experienced enough to suddenly claim to be the expert of such a complex matter.

But that’s the thing. It’s NOT complicated at all.

Let me explain with a fun backstory about my friend. We will call her Holleigh.

Holleigh led a pretty great life. She attended private school with pretty much the same people from the time she was old enough to walk to the day she walked across a stage to get a diploma somehow signifying her readiness to take on the world. She had loving parents, supportive siblings, amazing friends, an embracing church community, and so many people who wanted the best for her. Yet somehow, Holleigh was not always happy. Of course she went through her rough patches. Some not so great friendships, boys who broke her heart, personal battles with herself, struggles with Jesus, or even just navigating the ever so complicated world of a teenage prep-school girl. These feats were conquered, life lessons were learned, blah blah blah. But little by little, Holleigh was getting closer to becoming who she was really meant to be.

You see, Holleigh had one major problem. She never thought she was good enough. She was never smart enough, pretty enough, athletic enough, or popular enough to live the “perfect” life that is never even plausible to begin with. She compared herself to everyone, whether she admitted it or not.

As high school finally came to a close for dear Holleigh, she reflected on her experiences, the good, the bad, and definitely the ugly. She would miss her friends and aspects that high school and living at home gave her but was very stereotypically stated, “ready to take on new challenges” that would be college.

**Okay I’m getting bored of the whole Holleigh thing surprise there is no Holleigh it’s actually me alright thanks lets move on**

Being away from home for only two months now, I have learned so much about myself as a person and an individual on this planet. I suddenly had all these realizations. Stepping away from everything and getting to truly navigate the world for yourself gives you a lot of desire to know yourself better. Life is suddenly filled with new people, new opportunities, new challenges, and new ideas that challenge everything you’ve known up to that point.

First thing I’ve learned, happiness is a choice. When you wake up every day and realize where you are and how blessed you are, there is no reason you should not be happy. Everyone is put on this incredible planet for a reason and the journey to find that reason is SO COOL. Like seriously what if you were meant to travel to the moon, or discover the cure to cancer, or have 20 kids and have a television show, or just be a positive energy to others. THAT IS SO NEAT TO THINK ABOUT.

You possess all the power in the world to choose how you feel and how that feeling is portrayed to others every minute of every day. Your happiness cannot be found through anyone else. It shouldn’t matter what you look like, who you hang out with, what sorority house you are in, or how many Instagram likes you get on a picture because all of those things added up do not even come close to the amount of power we have to make ourselves happy.

I’ve found that simply waking up and saying to yourself “I’m choose to be happy and positive today” will make more of a difference than you think. How you feel about yourself, your personal image, and your relationships to others, is all that matters. Being confident in who you are is the key. In other words, you owe it to yourself to make confidence a responsibility.

I realize this sounds super preachy and cheesy. My mom always tells me I would make a great minister but I feel like I’d just be talking to people and go off on random tangents about how cool and awesome life is, maybe tell a funny story about my cat, and then get fired. But we digress.

This new mindset has truly changed me. I find joy in the small things, I live for those special moments, and laugh more than I ever have in my entire life. I’m also not saying that this is always easy. Everyone goes through some things in life that just aren’t easy to deal with. But for the times when they’re not, I focus on being a light in the world to others and bringing even just a simple smile to everyone I meet.

I’m no philosopher. I don’t have life figured out. I don’t pretend like I do. But when you discover little parts of it at a time, it really is a beautiful thing.

And as for this Chemistry midterm tomorrow, send prayers. And coffee.



2 thoughts on “Well…

  1. Oh, Molleigh with a gh. I’m so proud of you. Your eloquence and wisdom are astounding. Watching you find your wings and soar is a blessing for all those who know and love you.


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