I Know Words

I find strength and comfort in words. I find peace when I am able to try and express the thoughts swirling in my head into a singular gathering. I am not here to persuade an opinion. I am not here to rant and yell. I am here for my own comfort, and potentially the comfort of others.  

This morning I woke up filled with as many emotions as there are stars in the sky. I sat with my roommate as we watched Secretary of State Hillary Clinton concede to President Elect Donald Trump. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t an angry person right now. I would love to be the girl who sits and writes about how there is no point in being angry at the outcome. But my anger is not an anger of hate, but rather is rooted in an anger of fear. My anger is a cop out, and I recognize that. However, along with this anger comes a genuine broken heart. My heart is broken for women and girls across this country who are mourning the loss of their champion. My heart is broken for my LGBTQ, Black, Asian, Latino, and Muslim friends and family who are now living in fear of the leader they are supposed to be able to respect. Most importantly, my heart is broken for Hillary Clinton who has spent the entirety of her adult life fighting for what she believes in, and the American values we find to be true.

I find hope in several aspects of this wretched nightmare. As repetitive and even sometimes annoying as everyone’s social media feeds might be, this is the voice of the future. Behind these posts are voices of young people who are just beginning their fight to make change. We as Millennials are just at the cusp of something amazing. My hope is that we will be able to look back at this night and see how we just missed the beginning of our incredible journey by one election. I find hope in the despair of my peers. My campus, my sorority sisters, and my community is mourning today. There is a unspoken mist surrounding all of us that is a combination of confusion, sadness, and fear. I could sense this feeling as soon as the election was official and just by walking around my school today. If anything, this reassures me of one thing: I am not alone. And for that, I am grateful.

It is evident from being on Facebook and other platforms that this sense is reaching over half of our country. More than half of our voters are upset today. More than half of our country feels like they have been wronged and now lives in fear of the future. This nation I hold so close to my heart is more divided than we have ever seen. This should be a wake up call to both sides, no matter for whom you voted. However, now we have a responsibility. Today begins a new chapter in the storybook of America. How we choose to write it is left in our hands. We can be angry and rip up the pages to throw in the faces of our opponents. Or we can pay honor and tribute to our champion, pick up the pen with grace as we all hold it together to design the smooth strokes of a future filled with love and progress.  

Let our design be one of hope, optimism, and innovation. Let the curves of the words and structures of our sentences be the countless paths that we will go down together to fight for what is right and what will improve our country. Let our themes inspire that young girl who will be our first female President of the United States out there watching this to turn the page and start her own chapter, for all of us.  I am confident in my God that He will guide us through this journey. I am confident in my country that there is hope for unity and justice. Let us all strive for confidence, together.


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